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    Jun. 25, 2007

    Default DNA test results are in for Potcake Pup & other dog...amazing!

    Well we got our DNA results for our Potcake Pup (Turks & Caicos island rescue). It was very interesting. When we first got her, our vet tech mentioned "Viszla"...her results show Viszla as a great grandparent, and also German Shepherd. Her body is that of a Viszla - with the cut out hips, long lanky legs. The rest of her parent/grandparent line consisted of "Mixed Breeds" but it did list the strongest contenders in her "mixing". They were Pomeranian and a dog I had never heard of called a Boykin Spaniel. Looked at a pic and WOW - the Boykin is HER face. She has also recently begun "pointing" with her paw when we play ball or when she is focused on something to chase. A few of the mixed breeds mention pointer origins. I felt all in all very accurate, except for Great Pyranees being in the Mixed Breeds, LOL.

    The link below is for her pics and a pic of the Boykin Spaniel. I do think the resemblance is amazing in the face.

    (You have to "VIEW ALBUM" in link)

    In the link, you will also see our other dog Tess, who was abandoned on the side of the road at age 1. We adopted her and always felt she was part Golden, party Husky. She has a blue eye and brown eye, loves the cold and is mellow but protective of her home and family. Great with our kids.

    Her results came back as grandparents being Shiba Inu (also had never heard of this breed but check out the photo in my link of the Shiba Inu - it's practically HER!) And also Malamute. The other GP's were Labrador Retriever and "mixed breed" also.

    I think all in all it was pretty accurate and we loved doing it. We used the Wisdom brand, as they had alot more breeds than others. It has also given us insight into their personalities, why they do what they do (love the cold, point, chase birds, etc)

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    Dec. 17, 2007
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    Love the story of the Potcake dogs. We lived in the Dutch West Indies for 10 years but there were no specific "island dogs". What an interesting mix or mixes in all of your dogs.
    We're up to #10-just picked one (puggle??) out of the middle of the road yesterday.

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    May. 15, 2009
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    We've been meaning to do this to settle an on going bet around here...

    Can I ask how much it cost (roughly)?
    And who did you use?
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    We used "Wisdom Panel Insights" and ordered them online from Petsmart I believe. They were $50 or $60 each I think. When I received the boxes they each had a $10 off coupon on them, but couldn't apply them online?!

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    I'm glad you are pleased with your dog's DNA test. However the reason you haven't heard of a Boykin Spaniel is because there's not a lot of them out there, and I'd think even fewer in Turks & Caicos. What most people, even dog people, are not aware of is there is a 'generic dog'. It's about 35-50 pounds, light brown with prick ears and medium coat with an undercoat.

    It only takes 4 generations to turn two different purebreds into generic dogs. It's why strays in 3d world countries all tend to look the same.
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    Dec. 20, 2009


    I have not done the DNA thing, but w/ both of mine its pretty darn clear; one is marked like a shepherd - black saddle, tan other parts, and the shepherd tail. Built like a chow - short stocky legs, black tongue, medium size ruff on her neck. ACTS like a collie - herding everyone into their place at the dog park, very talkative, collie ears and fairly long nose. There are times when she gets that herding dog "glazed over" look like the border collies get.
    The other was born at a shelter w/ a golden or golden mix mother; the daddy was clearly a chow as he looks mostly chow, and has the chow disposition - but he does love to fetch balls in the swimming pool.

    So I'll stick with this; another friend has a weird little dog who looks like a chinese crested but his DNA came back w/ nothing even close to that. Too many generations removed from whatever!!

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