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    Jan. 16, 2003

    Default sell on eBay, craigslist, yardsale or donate? WWYD

    I have stuff I will never use. Good stuff, some still with price tags. What would you do with it?

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    Jun. 24, 2005


    Are there any consignment shops where you live? Or if they're work type clothes then donating to a charity for disadvantaged women going back to work would be a good choice. Do you have enough for a yardsale? And are you in a good location for yardsales?
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    Dec. 21, 2010
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    Clothes: If it's higher end stuff, sell it to a consignment. If it's lower-end, I'd send it to a charity of some sort.

    Electronics/Mechanical/more expensive: I'd do eBay or Craigslist if the items are worth more than $50.

    If you have a lot of everything and don't want to go through the hassle of selling items individually, I'd do a yardsale. Then whatever doesn't sell, you could donate to charity.
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    Feb. 28, 2006
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    Yardsale or swap meet first. Tis the season after all.
    If you are needing to get rid of it due to a move or something then donate the remainder to charity, or sometimes women's shelters can use lightly used clothing. I suppose you can sell clothes on CL but I'd rather use a consigment shop.
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    Feb. 23, 2005
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    LOL, I just posted about selling my stuff on eBay on Viny's thread.

    It depends on what you have. I'm decluttering and stuff that will fit in s USPS flat rate box gets listed on eBay. Listings are free, pay only if it sells. I start most of my stuff at $10 with $25 Buy it Now.

    It is amazing what people buy. Next week I'm trying my dad's very ugly new in box ties.

    Bigger stuff gets listed in our local paper. Ads for stuff under $50 are free.

    If it doesn't sell in 2 or 3 tries it goes to GoodWill.

    Nice clothes go to the consignment shop
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    Jan. 12, 2010

    Default Send it to equislover

    If you don't really need the money, send it equislover for her St. Jude's fundraising ride and auction. I sent stuff last year, got to clean up the tack area and feel philanthropic
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    Jun. 28, 2003


    Freecycle works for us. BEST ever was the day someone came to pick up our old sofa about 1 hour before the new one was delivered. Just time to get the area vacuumed.

    Just had the old non-working grill, an old sump pump and metal springs and strapping from an old carriage taken away by a scrap metal collecting boyscout troop making money for their camp fees.

    It's also be great for our Op Quiet Comfort Quilt project - turning used jeans into quilts for wounded soldiers. We often get like new jeans that are not 100% cotton - which we freecycle. Folks who need the jeans get them and low effort on our part to find them new homes.

    If you are e-bay-ing... make sure you check what similar items actually brought, not just what they are asking. We found a lot of our stuff wasn't selling.

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    Jul. 17, 2005


    I guess it depends on what you're selling. I've had good luck with Craigslist lately. Ebay seems to depend on what I'm selling and when. Plus there are fees to list, fees when you sell, and fees from paypal. Sucks.
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    Lambie, when I switched to a BlackBerry I lost your number, PM me with it please.

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    Oct. 25, 2005


    I second freecycle! I love it.

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