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    Jan. 11, 2010

    Default badly broken arm

    got bucked off a greenie on monday and broke my arm in 3 places. just had surgery thursday and got a plate/screws put in, but i'm out for at least 8 weeks - anyway, i'm 50 and re-evaluating riding. i love it and horses, but this accident has left me shaken - it could easily have been my neck. how do you "older" riders deal with the risks of our sport? do you accept that these things will happen and try to minimize the risks - like not riding greenies? do you just ride dead broke horses on the flat and accept that the thrill may be gone for good? Or do you pick up where you left off and hope for the best?

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    Jan. 4, 2007


    I didn't quit riding colts until almost 60 and that is because some health issues and subsequent surgeries have been coming up.

    If and when I can start riding again, if I still get up to par for colts, why not?
    Just not goofy or crazy ones any more.
    Quiet colts are fine, if you do your homework with them.

    If not, why not, just keep training and finishing already well started horses.

    I wish you the best on your arm.
    Will they remove the hardware, or is it permanent?
    I have a plate and 7 screws in one arm and it is not as good as the other one, when it comes to do heavy work with it, because the plate and screws are not as flexible as real bone and I hit their limit.
    The surgeon said he doesn't like to leave hardware in his patients, but mine he was leaving, it was better than putting me under again to take it out, too risky with my bad heart.

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    Apr. 8, 2005


    I won't ride really green colts or anything that I know has a propensity for doing stupid shit that can hurt somebody. My colts get 30-60 days with my Amish trainer before I'll ride. I figure I can't afford to get hurt and it's cheaper to pay somebody to get those first miles on. My old trainer had a mare that I would have loved to ride- but she was an idiot at times (rearing, airs above the ground temper tantrums) and I turned down the opportunity many times to climb aboard. Anymore, when I climb on any horse I don't know my question is "What's he going to do to try to hurt me?" so at least I'll be prepared. I'm not a bad or timid rider, rarely eat dirt, love a "hot" horse and can stick to anything but a bucker- but I'm not going looking for trouble.

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    Aug. 10, 2010
    Western NY

    Default I agree

    with reducing the risks as we get older. I'm much more aware and cautious. There was a good discussion lately about injuries we get on the ground...

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