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    Default What horse years equal in human years?

    I have a 36 year old horse that, I've had since he was 4 years old, he was born on Feb. 17th, 1975, I got him in Oct 1979. I found some horse charts that say that when he turned 36 years old back in Feb. 2011 he equaled 100.5 in human years, the charts end at 36 years old. The chart varied from yaer to year whether it was 3 year jumps to 8 year it varied quite a bit. I found 2 charts that both had 36 years old equaled 100.5 in human years...but they stop there...does anyone know of a chart that goes beyond the 36 year old mark. He takes a lot of care these days with 4 times a day feedings...every 6 hours he is fed..I stay up late to do the "midnight snack" and hubby is back up at 6:00 AM to feed him again his "breakfast" then I do "lunch" and "dinner" he just had the horse dentist check him on Monday, he has no teeth on either lower side and left upper no teeth, right upper has all his teeth still, and he has all his front teeth but they no longer line he eats a mush of beet pulp, equine senior, omgea which is a 25% fat supplement, and alphfa cubes..soaked to a soup like mush..he loves it and eats most of it 4 times a day...he can no longer eat hay, or grass, he does graze put it falls out of his mouth in balls.

    Would love to see a chart that goes beyond 36 years old incase he makes it that long. He did have a choking episode back in Feb 4 days before his birthday, which I thought was the beginning of the end and he also had an impaction which cleared with tubing him, and a major bloody nose from the tubing..then got his teeth check and choked a few days later again..but had not choked since then. He is a tuff old bird though..the Vet had to give him a double dose of sedation for the horse dentist..she was surprised that he was so awake after the first dose. His blood work is amazingly still normal in all areas even his thyroid. We do have him on the smallest dose for the thyroid to help with his weight, but blood work wise he does not need it. He is an amazing horse and his first colic was at the ripe old age of 36 years old.

    Any one have any horses over 36 years old, if so how old are yours?

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    Never had one that old, but my grandfather (who would be 97 if he had made it, so old horseman from WAY back) always told me that they aged 2.5-3 years to humans. If that were the case, your guy would be between 90 & 108. Sounds reasonable to me. I find these numbers work pretty well with the youngsters acting like teens, etc.
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    The oldest horse I've ever know personally was 37. He was IR and finally started to appear to be having some laminitis symptoms. He was completely blind, but still managed to get around. He looked so frail though. It was definitely his time. RIP JB

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    Found this:

    Depends on the horse a lot too.
    Some are elderly in their teens, some more like teens in their 20s & beyond!

    When I was a WS we had a school horse the vet estimated at 40-something when he finally died.
    He had taught a lesson the night before, then some time that night just laid down & did not get up - very peaceful passing.
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    my oldest now is 32 and we have had him since he was 11 mos old

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    On the other board one of the posters from Australia had a documented Shetland that died a few years ago at age 54

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    I don't know how true it is, but I was told that the first year was 7 then from then on it was 4. There is a horse at the barn that is over 30-not sure how much-but he is doing great. He is a Cushings horse, so there are great big piles of white hair when he gets groomed (everyone loves him and feels free to go love him and brush him). He is such a character.[/url]

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    I'm not sure about Gnalli's formula. I have a robust 29 year old whose age would equate to 119. Not to mention my 31 year old pony...

    I think it is hard to put a hard rule to horses' ages...

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