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    Oct. 28, 2006

    Default Ideas for teaching at horse camp...

    Hi all!

    Would love your help coming up with ideas for working at a horsey summer camp.

    Any ideas for keeping lessons for kids who are learning the VERY basics (how to hold the reins, steering, MAYBE trotting on the lunge line) interesting?

    Also, in their down time OFF of horses, any ideas for fun horse-related games (horseless horse show, slap tack, etc) that can keep kids 7-14 entertained would be awesome.

    Thanks so much!

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    Feb. 11, 2009


    For raw beginners, just steering/ keeping leg position/ starting to trot IS interesting, and hard! Don't worry that they will be bored, just give them poles to walk over, cones to weave through, and see how they go! Also practice two point at the walk, and even posting at the walk. Have one camper lead the horse while the one riding it closes her eyes. At the walk, and at the trot if kids are old/ safe enough.

    We used to play this great game. I CAN NOT remember the name of it, but was a version of hide and seek. Kid who was 'it' would count to 50 or 100 with eyes closed, other kids would go and hide. Then in intervals 'it' would look for others from base, then close eyes and count again, but a smaller number- like 40, then, 20, then 10. Other kids would try and get back to base, not being seen. Between each count 'it' would open eyes and search for others. Works great if you have a big jumping field or some such-- obviously WITHOUT horses present during game! All kids loved it.
    Other games/ activities:
    tack parts and cleaning
    horse parts- quiz show
    older kids decorate old/ donated ribbons, use puffy paint or some such. Use ribbons as prizes at end of week show.
    Grazing quiet ponies
    They love to jump without horses, and to 'trot' and 'canter'
    Horseless rodeo is fun too-- kids are amusing to watch when they try to buck
    Have fun! Taught summer camp through college and loved it!

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    Oct. 28, 2006


    Thanks so much... I appreciate the help tremendously! It's been a great experience so far... just always looking for new//better ideas, and you have lots

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    Nov. 22, 2003


    When *I* taught beginners, their very favorite game was "Simon Says." Great for those getting-to-be-boring basics that the kids say "do I HAVE to?" about.

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