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    Default Shedding Strongyles Causing Crusty Bumps?

    Has anyone ever heard of this?

    Story: I sold a mare who I owned for 2 yrs. During that time she was wormed with rotational wormers, although I never did a fecal.

    Her new owner has done several fecals and the vets keep finding strongyles (not sure what type), even after worming. They have advised the owner to keep worming every 2 weeks till they get a clean fecal.

    Well, the mare has developed these bumps on her body that have been described to me (I haven't seen them) as "hard, crusty bumps with no fluid in them."

    The vets say these are caused by the strongyles being shed.

    Now, this mare DID develop quite a fly-bite allergy the 2nd summer she was with me -- it actually turned into mastitis -- but the bumps were NOT hard & crusty. And once I found a bug repellent that could be used safely on her w/ a foal at her side, the bumps went away.

    It seems this mare has a sensitivity to stuff and my bet is an allergy, but the vets disagree.

    Either way, I've often wondered why she'd didn't display a problem with flies the first summer she was with me or show any issues any of the times I wormed her.

    Anyone had any experiences with this? I've never heard of it, but the owner says both vets are of the same opinion...

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    Have seen warbles on one horse years ago.....might be what the vet is talking about.
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