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    volkan Guest

    Default is it proud flesh?what should I do?
    It started with a small crack then got infected.
    My farrier had to cut away the affected area.Now we have that white-yellow thing. I don't know if it is proud flesh.According to him, lamina has got out of the crack and started to overgrow.It should be
    (cold cautery) and I should wait until the scab falls.
    But the tool used in the clinic isn't strong, just freezes a little bit.He applied it this morning and wants to continue applying till that white section dries and falls.(I guess this means at least 4-5 times of freezing) Anytime he starts to freeze there, it starts to bleed also all of these treatments have to be done under local anesthesia.
    This makes us really unhappy.

    My vet recommended not to do anything.(to leave it in this condition and it won't effect anything when the hoof grows)

    I read some comments about equaide,etc (products for proud flesh)
    I don't know which one is better? Product or cautery or doing nothing?

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    I would post over on and see if they can help. Its a forum with farriers on it to help each other and also horse owners. Good luck!

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    volkan Guest


    I am still waiting for activation

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    That is awful!! Proud flesh in my experience has only been on a body type/ flesh wound. Good Luck with this.

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    Get some Wonder Dust

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    I haven't seen this before, but I would be suspicious of any farrier who used "local anesthesia" on my horse and messed around with soft tissue stuff and used cautery or cryotherapy. In most states, diagnosing and treating a condition or administering/prescribing a medication (such as whatever he's using for local anesthesia) is legally considered the practice of veterinary medicine, with the legal province of the farrier being trimming and shoeing, not screwing around with cold cautery on internal structures and using local anesthesia, which should at least be supervised by a vet. If this were higher up the leg and looked like proud flesh, would you also get your farrier with no veterinary training to treat that, too? IMO, go with what your vet recommends, or get a second opinion from another vet. I'm just an overly cautious stick-in-the-mud, though.

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