I am looking for info for a friend of mine - hope I get this right. she bought a very nice (luckily bargain) paint weanling who will be very tall, probably close to 17 hands, and has very nice conformation. Filly didn't look right in the pasture as a yearling and had OCDs in both stifle joints. This filly has not been over-fed and has been on grass hay and a reasonable amount of balanced grain all her life. CSU did scrapeing surgery with Interleukin 2 added then and again during months of stall rest. Filly was put on a good mineral supplement custom mfg for Colorado hay and a bone builder supplement specifically for OCD issues, per CSU. OCDs got better, then worse, filly was very lame. So about 6 months ago, did more extensive surgery with cementing the cavity, stem cells and PRPs added. Stall rest again and slight improvement (X-rays). Now bone around the cement patch is deteriorating again on X-rays, and this filly has been in the stall for many. many months total. I asked about a complete blood workup for mineral levels, never been done. CSu has no more suggestions.

This filly can be fairly sound sometimes, but almost 3 legged lame other times. My friend, an experienced backyard breeder, is heartbroken that possibly this filly will not even be sound enough to be a broodmare (which CSU thought was OK as the OCD predisposition probably will not be passed on) and will have to be euthanized.

Has anyone else had a young horse with OCDs that would not respond to surgery?