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    Default how long do I wait after weaning for a long distance trip?

    How long should I wait after weaning to ship a foal across the country? (5 day trip with two overnight layovers). I have a foal that will probably be weaned at the end of August (she will be close to 5 months old then) and am wondering when it would be safe to ship her to her new owner without causing her undue stress. I was planning on putting her on Gastrogard as a preventative. She will be travelling along with a yearling buddy.

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    I wean two weeks before a long distance trip. It's great your weanling will be traveling with a buddy. That should help a lot.

    I'll never forget a trip I had to pick up a weanling from Idaho to Ca., 2 day trip. The weanling was all alone and was very distraught. I'll never repeat that. She ended up fine but it was really way too much stress for a little one.
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