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    Sep. 15, 2008

    Question Keeps pulling shoes!

    I am not sure what to do at this point. 2 weeks ago Monday I had front shoes put on my gelding. First time with shoes. He does ok at home barefoot, but his hooves were getting a little chewed up. He is Hano/tb, and his hooves are on the softer side. He is not sore barefoot, but he started wearing them down quick. And I plan to take him to a few events this summer.

    So shoes put on Monday, 2 days later he comes in from outside missing one shoe. Ok called farrier, he couldn't make it back out until yesterday. In the meantime I still ride him. He didn't wreck his feet at all from pulling it, and he is very sound on it. During my lesson 4 days after the original shoeing he pulls off the other front shoe with his other front leg. He did not over reach with his back.

    Farrier comes out yesterday, resets both fronts. This morning I go out to the barn (he lives outside when its nice out) and one of the shoes is laying in the run in. I almost thought it was a joke of some sort. 3 shoes in 2 weeks.

    This time the nail hole is a little cracked around it. I called farrier and left him a message. What is going on here? I have used this same farrier for over 6 years. I have never had an issue with him like this. I am not too keen on switching farriers. It took me forever to find him. Goodluck finding a farrier in this area that can actually trim the hooves all the same, let alone one that actually shows up.

    Should I just leave him barefoot? He does ok on soft ground here at home but I am worried that when we get showing a lot he will need some support to keep them from wearing down. Any eventers out there that go barefoot?

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    Nov. 29, 2008


    You could try a pair of large enough front bell boots, but I'd think it would be a good idea to have some idea as to why the shoes are coming off so easily in the first place.

    Does the farrier have any opinion as to why this is happening?

    I've also used karatex hoof hardener on the hoof walls, and that seemed to help the hoof hold a nail better.

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    Jun. 23, 2003
    South Carolina


    Bell boots will be your friend. I've had lots of horses that live in bell boots. I prefer the pull on kind as I feel they stay on better, but the horse I currently ride has velcro ones as his owner can't get the pull on kind off/on. He's got crappy feet and has managed to occasionally pull shoes even with the bell boots if it's been really wet and he's getting close to being due. He pretty much only gets them taken off for the dressage phase at horse shows.

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    Mar. 14, 2010
    Earlysville, Virginia


    If your weather is anything like ours, it could contribute to losing shoes. Its been DRY DRY DRY here. That combined with the horses stomping at flies=not good for feet. There were literally small chunks coming out of my horses feet because they were stomping so much. Even fly spraying multiple times a day and fly boots didnt do too much to help. (Although give those a try if the weather/bugs could be an issue).

    I second putting Keratex on the hooves. I also use Hoof Marvel (its a spray you can put on hoof walls, sole, everywhere!) and Rainmaker. My horses' hooves are doing much better now that i'm moisturizing them daily.

    (My SO's horse recently got front shoes for the first time ever and he threw one within a few weeks too. Very annoying!)
    Charlie Brown (1994 bay TB X gelding)
    White Star (2004 grey TB gelding)

    Mystical Moment, 1977-2010.

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    Dec. 21, 2008
    Middle USA


    If he is a big heavy horse ( as mine was) sometimes he would just kind of twist them off?? They looked perfect laying there,and his feet were fine too. I don't know what my farrier did eventually, but it worked.

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    Jul. 17, 2010
    South Florida


    Try Soundhorse Glue on Shoes. If your Farrier applies them correctly you should have no problem. I have 15 horses in them now. Half are OTTBs with obligatory thin walls and I haven't lost one of these shoes in about 2 years.

    Now, you might have some sticker shock with the price. But considering shoe retack fees and cost to rebuild hoof wall that gets torn away when the shoe gets pulled and it might even out. With these shoes you can reset when the hoof seems too long not when the shoe becomes loose and seemingly could be removed by hand. Plus you have the peice of mind of enjoying your horse not constantly worrying about a lost shoe.
    Seth Parker- Farrier for Palm Beach & Broward, FL

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