Our foster/adopted hopeful Twilight has revealed she LOVES to lick plastic bags.

At first we thought she was just curious and investigating, then we thought maybe she liked the crinkle noise. Nope. She doesn't bat or play with them, she just leans down and starts licking like she's licking up milk. And it's not one or two licks. She will lick and lick and lick and lick and lick and lick and lick.

Shooing her away makes her dig her claws in- you have to pick her up and physically remove her from the bag to get her to stop. She will run after us if she knows we have bags. She will try to fish in the garbage for them. She is determined to lick the damn bags.

We obviously don't want her licking plastic bags. It's easy enough to put the bags in the garbage out in the garage, but we're both worried about WHY she would want to lick them. Is she just bizarre, or is there some kind of red flag to this?