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    Default Poem in COTH magazine...

    In this week's issue (June 20 issue) there is a poem in a Southfield's Farm page memorializing one of their deceased hunters, Loretta. Does anyone know where the poem came from? I've never seen it before and thought it was really pretty.

    Here is the poem in case you don't have a copy of the magazine:

    God saw you getting tired
    And a cure was not to be.
    So He put his arms around you
    And he whispered "come to me".
    A golden heart stopped beating,
    Hard working hooves went to rest,
    God broke our hearts to prove to us
    He only takes the best.

    I would love to know the origins of this (if known)!

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    Usually I'm not too moved by anything sappy... but that one got to me! No idea where it came from, but very pretty.
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    This appears to be an adapted version of Frances M. Coelho's poem "God Saw You Getting Tired," which was written for her husband and copyrighted in 1986.

    It's been passed around as anonymous for a while, but her daughter has left comments on a couple sites claiming ownership for her mother. A copyright search in the Library of Congress catalog verifies the daughter's claims.

    The family doesn't seem to mind that people use the poem, but the daughter does seem to be working to get her mother the credit she deserves. Which is only fair.

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    I saw that, too, and thought it was really beautiful.
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    You'd never seen it before? Check your daily obituaries. It appears in at least 2 a day in my local paper. However often I see it, it always grabs at my heart.
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