What was a fun day turned into a disaster.


Excerpts from article:

A woman died after a loose horse went on the rampage at a busy country fair in Suffolk last weekend (19 June).

Seven other people sustained injuries in the carnage that ensued at Nowton Park in Bury St Edmunds, after the horse, understood to be a Breton gelding, bolted into panicked crowds while hitched to a carriage that had been giving rides during the day.

"But we do know that the horse had been giving carriage rides during the day and was standing, being held by someone, when something happened to frighten it. It ran off, initially into the car park area away from the crowds. But then it made its way back into the event and ran down the main avenue, where everyone was enjoying themselves."

Spectators reported seeing people throwing themselves out of the way of the horse, including one woman who flung herself out of her wheelchair, and a dog being run over.

Eyewitness Jon Kydd said: "Everyone was screaming for people to get out of the way. One lady tried to move, but it was too late. The horse, then the cart, hit her at full speed. It was horrendous."