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    Quote Originally Posted by amastrike View Post
    How much did you charge him for backing this unbroke horse?
    That's what I was wondering.
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    What was your train of thought? If your unconfident friend was going to be the buyer and owner of said snorting, upset, fractious frightened mare...

    why did you get on her?

    And yes, I've driven 2 hrs to see a horse I'd seen in pics and on film: when I saw what a fruitloop she was in person, I just shook the guy's hand and left.

    I hope you'll gain a sense of self preservation LOL

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    WOW, that's a funny story. Glad you're okay, glad you passed on the horse.

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    Friend kept telling me how very quiet she was on previous visit. Seller/owner kept telling me how wonderful/quiet/solid she is. I just kept giving everyone the benefit of doubt. I was also concerned that if I didn't get on her, my friend would have, and that would have been a huge disaster. Shes in her 60's and heavy and not very confident. She's also on a very small budget and the seller had convinced her this was the perfect horse. She saw an opportunity to get a big, pretty, decently bred mare for a steal and I was afraid she would do something stupid for the price.
    I recognize I let it go too far, but its hard when the owner/seller is assuring you this has never happened before, she'll settle any minute, shes super quiet, etc, and your friend is looking at you with big hopeful puppy dog eyes.
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    Well, I'll say you went above and beyond what most friends will!
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    Maybe she knew your COTH name... thatsnotme...
    "When life gives you scurvy, make lemonade."

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    OP that is one awesome story.

    I will remember your story forever.

    Wow, just wow.

    Glad all involved were ok, despite a few sore muscles. Smart gal you are (OP) working gently with her with your weight over her instead astride.

    Amazing. What dumba$$ the seller is.

    I won't forget this story ever.


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    Hey, I've seen a professional hunter trainer pull out the wrong horse to show to another professional hunter trainer. Trainer A just could NOT figure out why plain bay 17h gelding wasn't making it down the lines the way he normally did. Might have been because he had been confused with the 16.3 bay gelding with a small star, that had half again the step of the 17 hander. And this was the trainer, mind you, not the grooms. They had sense enough to know the difference.
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    Wow, and I thought I had some bizarre horse shopping experiences. I'm glad you were ok. Poor horse, though.

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    Something kind of similar happened to me when I was a teenager. I was a working student at a big sale barn in France. The owner was more or less a horse dealer and sold everything from auction/pleasure horses, to young prospect to mini-prix horses.
    A couple of horses arrived from a breeder and BO/trainer wanted to check them out.
    So, I got assigned a cute little chestnut. I had the hardest time to tack him up. He was moving non stop, super girthy and just horrible. After 20mn of wrestling, I took him to the arena.
    I got on (yep, no mounting block), and said horse took off like a bronc. No steering, no brakes and bucking, bucking, bucking.
    I don't know how I stayed on.

    BO/trainer shows up to put the fences up to check the horses over fences. I said to the trainer that my horse is naughty and that I don't feel like jumping.
    Saying that I got yelled at, is an undertstatement. So I sucked it up and started to go to jump.
    That afternoon, trainer came with a passeport in his hand and ask me to show him which horse I rode in the morning. After checking the marking on the horse and the passeport, Trainer told me that driver got horses mixed up when he picked them up and that 'my' horse was an unbroke 3 YO instead of a sweet pleasure 5 YO.

    OOOOOOPPPPSSSSSS ... I didn't even get an appologie

    I guess, I must be crazy because as a trainer I specialize in breaking babies now

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    OP....WOW...just wow!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by 5 View Post
    So is he what you get when you answer one of those emails?

    What did you post for sale?

    (My apologies to your husband I'm sure he is very nice)

    LOL. because all Nigerians are scammers...

    No, we actually met at my family's business where he was working at the time.
    I saw the angel in the marble and I set him free. - Michaelangelo

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    Quote Originally Posted by CHSatwork View Post
    She didn't notice it was the wrong horse either?
    I had a horse that had a twin. Once they started moving it was easy to tell them apart but standing saddled it was very hard. Chestnut geldings are a dime a dozen, right?

    I can see it happening. Lucky OP the umbroke 14 y/o was better than she could have been.
    “Management is doing things right; leadership is doing the right things.” Peter Drucker

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    LOL. I had a boarder borrow my 30 year old pony for a trail ride and came back to the barn with my lunatic show jumper I just don't let other people ride because he's too unpredictable. For a total beginner!

    Pony was 14.1, light bay with a blaze and 2 stockings. Horse was 16 hands and solid black.

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