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    Default Moving to PA

    Hoping for some info on possible barns/boarding facilities in the Hershey PA. I'm moving from FL to PA. Currently I event and drive but I'd love to hunt again. I'm a past member of the Moingona Hunt in IA. Any suggestions from anyone.


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    I'm not on that side of the state, but I bet you could ask the folks at Rolling Rock Hunt for any info on the hunts over there. Rolling Rock is about an hour east of Pittsburgh and a very old hunt and Pony Club. They are based out of Ligonier Equestrian Center. Google that name and shoot the owner an e-mail.
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    You would probably get more responses about boarding if you posted in "Off Course".
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    I think if you contacted Quentin Riding Club in Quentin, Pa. which is near Hershey, you might get info. Also Ryegate Show services, at which is based in that area , could probably steer you in the right direction.
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    Also check out

    Welcome to PA!!
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    Welcome to PA!

    Here's a decent list of barns.

    Look in Dauphin County but you could also do Lebanon and Lancaster Counties, depending on your willingness to travel.

    Another good resource is As far as boarding goes I usually don't see alot of listings in the Hershey area but it may be helpful...

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    The closest hunting will be York (minimal) or into Maryland. The stabling much more problematic.
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    I lived in Hershey about 11 years ago and kept my horse at an awesome place in Middletown, PA. This wonderful couple owned it. I can still remember how to get there, just not the name I'll go through my old address book and see if I can find the number.
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    Our barn is 20 minutes from Hershey, 30 from center city York, Harrisburg, and Lancaster. Rural enough to have tons of trails. Lots of beautiful jumps. Great care. Check out the website.

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    I second Covered Bridge. I used to board there in college.

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    Welcome to PA and here is a resource that sometimes lists N MD/Central PA farms.

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    Hi and welcome to Pa!

    I am 8 miles North of Hershey and know a lot of boarding places you can interview depending on your needs -- some with indoors, some with better trail systems, some are show/event barns.

    Several local training farms offer dry stalls, training tracks, eurocizers, and swimming pools --all with good turnouts.

    Hershey is a great place to live! Nearby is the Swatara Creek a favorite for swimming, rafting and kayaking.
    The Stoney Creek Game Lands has the first in the nation rails to trail system there, plus Horseshoe Trail winds throughout for an awesome ride! Theres the Gold Mine Trail system on the other side of Stoney Valley.
    Lots of distance riders train there and the Swatara Creek, Marsh Creek and Codorus Parks -- all within an *easy* drive.
    At the end of July, in Weiser State Park (50miN) is a weekend of 2-25mi Competitives and 1-2/day 50 Endurance. Great outings for foxhunters.

    Hunts are Beaufort (Dillsburg, Pa), Rose Tree(York, Pa).
    then the Md hunts that I can easily get you a capping invite.
    Green Spring is a lot of fun, Elkridge-Harford is a bit more agressive. Just past Gettysburg is the Carrollton Hunt(Taneytown, Md) offering 3 flights and excellent company ~
    Speak of Gettysburg, --- that trail is a must on every riders agenda --- To the west of that is the Michaux State Forest of more great trail riding.

    Eventing? ah, that list is endless --~ the first place to start is the BucksCoHorsePark, only an hour east.
    OTTB's ready to show/event/jumpers. Track ponies for perfect trail partners.

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    Default Moving to pa

    Thanks to everyone for the help! I 'll be in contact soon heading to Pa this week to house hunt/barn hunt!

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