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    Default baby green and


    Any one have any show tips on how to keep a baby green horse (gelding) from whinneying/neighing.crying out all over the show grounds? Only his 2nd time out at a show but he was still calling out the 4th day of the show, although it was a little less frequent He does it under saddle and on the ground, in his stall..trainer and I are stumped....anyone? Thanks!!

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    Time. Let him get used to it... some do it more than others, but I've never seen a horse NOT get to a reasonable level of vocatlization eventually. And in my experience, the more I've tried to discourage the whinnying (distracting them, trying to take their mind off their friends) the more upset they tend to get. So I just accept this will happen for a while with some babies and they stop as they get more secure being at shows. Heck, I had a horse that would still do it at home shows, in the same arena she schooled in every day without a problem. But once there were trailers and more horses, out came the whinnies.
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    I am interested in seeing some answers to this. I don't have any advice, but i have a 15yr old that still is a screamer by himself. He is a total loner out in the field and totally quiet at home but at a show he is very vocal. His faveorite is a scream and buck. I know its because he gets distracted, and he loves to pull little tricks like that. I just always have to be on my guard in the show ring and make sure hes infront of my leg and paying attention, but i can't be driving him and pushing him because he gets annoyed, and i can't pull and hold. He hates that. If i'm busy he hates that too and thats when I get into trouble. I just have to keep his focus in the ring and make sure hes in front of my leg, but I can't be rough. Hope this helps a little. (oh and my trainer has had him since he was a 2yr old and trained him, hes just a trickster and never grew out of it.)

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    My gelding would whinny while on course at his first couple of shows and then seemed to get over it and only an occasional whinny at home when he was being made to work harder than he wanted to work. He would puff up but never do anything other than whinny and on course it would be distracting.

    Moved him to a new barn about 4 months ago and the whinny is back. Now whenever he goes out I get at least 2 per ride. Sometimes at the start of the ride and sometimes mid way through. He continues at whatever pace we are at and does nothing but puff up and call out. Distracting but that is about it.

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