I rode my 5yo Trakehner today after giving her 6 days off due to pressure of work. She was absolutely golden. We worked on simple changes and half pass and gears within the paces. She's reliably got 3 trots and 3 canters and rein back is improving.

I was wondering where her temperament comes from? She's a lot of horse with loads of power yet never uses it against you, she always wants to please. I've had willing horses before but nothing like her.

She's by Le Rouge. Has anyone got any experience of his youngstock? The ones I've seen have all been stallion prospects and they've all looked a bit hot and full of themselves, nothing like my mare who has an air of serenity about her (even when she feels a bit like a pocket rocket!) but perhaps the difference is sex based or being prepared for the stallions gradings?

Her damsire is King Arthur who is competing GP and her damline is very close to that of the stallion Kasimir who is doing young horse PSG classes. The mareline is Kordel, old Trakehner family number 0035

Has anyone ridden any King Arthurs or Kasimirs? What are they like? Where does this wonderful temperament come from?