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    Jul. 17, 2007
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    Default Integrating the New Outside Cat

    A few weeks ago, we awoke to find a beautiful young male who said, "Hi! I live here now!" He's about six months old, very intelligent and friendly, was neutered a week ago, and is absolutely driving our three spayed girls crazy. He stalks them, chases them, whacks them and will bite if he can get close enough.

    Previously, they've teamed up to run off other cats, but although they don't show any love for him, they haven't made an attempt to relocate him.

    I'm assuming, since he was just neutered, he's got some testosterone still running loose. Can we expect more civil behavior as that wanes?

    He's cuddly and loveable with us humans and with our rottie. But we feel so badly for the girls! What's a reasonable amount of time to wait for our peaceable kingdom to return?
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    May. 20, 2008


    No advice, just a comment. I've always had a lot of girls, and one boy at any given time. Inevitably, the boy would end up beating up the girls, and I would have to re-home the boy because it would get so bad. This is even with boys I've had for years. The last boy I had to re-home, I found a new home for him and the girls were literally SO HAPPY! The home didn't work out, so I took him back a month later. The girls were NOT HAPPY and everything went back to chaos and hate again. I knew re-homing him was the right thing, and I made the painful decision again to do so. Now, he lives alone and gets all the attention to himself! My girls are once again happy, and I will not ever have another male cat.

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    Oct. 3, 2007


    Hmmm, we have one older female cat and she is the grouch. The younger boys have to beg for her to be nice to them. And they try so hard - the younger one follows her around and rolls on his back and twists his head around trying to look cute. She just looks at him with disdain and hisses. She'll bat at him if he gets close enough. We've had him a year.

    She has finally decided that the older of the youngsters who is almost 3 is okay. He can sit near her - even on the bed and she doesn't get up in a huff. Doesn't snarl at him anymore either.

    My advice is to give it plenty of time. We never had real fights though - just general nastiness and short temper.

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