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    Default sore feet?

    Well, my horse has been doing wonderful until about 6 weeks ago. He was off pretty badly on the left front foot...It seems to have started after we pulled the snow pads out and the ground got really wet. He is sole sore. We put his eggbars back on and it has helped a little but he is still not as sound as he was 6 weeks ago. I have been using farriersfix on his soles. I have the vet coming out to block the foot but is there anything else I could try to see if I can relieve his soreness? There is no heat or swelling anywhere else either. So we think it is localized to the foot. There was no apparrent bruising on his sole either..Hmm?
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    magic cushion, apply it to his sole, wear gloves, and vet wrap it, its wicked messy stuff, but its great for tender horses. Comes in a tub, or a tube of patties. Can get it from smartpak.

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    Any pics of his sole? I'd like to get an idea of his concavity. Please try to clean the sole as much as possible.
    Seth Parker- Farrier for Palm Beach & Broward, FL

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    Sans farrier and hoof testers, the vet will be best able to tell you if the pain is just in the foot and approximately where.
    Patty Stiller CNBBT,CNBF,CLS, CE
    Natural Balance Certified Lameness Specialist ,instructor.

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    Durasole, Magic Cushion..... try those

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    Magic Cushion. I dont' even vet wrap it, just pack it in the foot and press shavings into it when I bring my guy in for the day (night turnout). It seems to stay in for at least two days.

    But, still find out what's going on...stone bruise, thin soles, whatever it is. Durasole works really well too.

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