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    May. 22, 2005

    Default Horse NQR after lay up last fall-new info-help!

    OK, Just got back from the ranch and re-read my previous posts "horse jerks hind legs up when cleaning" and "king of the roll won'."

    We finally have some decent weather here in CA so have started riding more-and noticing my horse is NQR. The facts:

    -Horse (21 yo Arab gelding, lite use most of his life) was confined for 3.5 months last Sept-Mid-Dec due to very nasty but not infected knee laceration. Didn't lie down for a month, vet's orders.

    -Recovered 100% but have noticed he is uber cautious to roll and get up, and has been reluctant to pick up back feet especially RH since.

    -Vet did chiro 2months ago, thought he had the beginning of hock arthritis. Could be trade off of the confinement-

    -Started him on adequan, just finished his last loading dose.

    Important-not lame, limping...


    -just hasn't felt right under saddle. Longeing is ok, works out of mild stiffness quickly. Have had one ride that felt normal. The last two he has felt "bound up" in the back.

    -sometimes when longeing, both back feet kinda curl under him like a double trip, but he picks right up and works out of it without limping-

    -today I free-longed-fine-put on side reins-fine. Transitions ok, leads good and even. Got on and he felt bound up. Could not get him to move out without being pretty unhappy. This is a guy who will do anything to please me. Did our usual backing up 5 steps every now and then and that was when I finally got a very clear symptom-right hind stepped out way wide and sideways. Had my friend ride him who is an elegant and talented rider and he did the same.

    So, what do I do now?

    My thinking is to continue to freelonge and longe but I sure don't feel great about riding him.

    Does the backing up thing point to hock or stifle?

    I plan to also start him on an oral again- he's on full turn out 24/7 and I see him maybe 3-4 x week, so oral supps are dubious.

    MSM, FlexForce HA, Recovery EQ...

    I had hoped the Adequan would have begun kicking in by now.

    Dya think his layup brought this on so quickly?

    Needing support from my COTH community- thanks so much.

    Sh-- on a shingle- since 2008 its been my broken leg, car accident, them his laceration. I was so hoping for some good riding finally. Oh well- life!

    Since he is only 21


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    May. 22, 2005


    tried to edit out the random words in my post but couldnt. Sorry.

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    May. 30, 2006


    Go slow!

    I have a 21 year-old horse who was off and had very limited movement for about a year and a half because of a high hind suspensory. I did lots and lots and lots of walking. Still, when I got around to trotting my horse felt slightly not right. She was uneven. She vetted fine on the suspensory, but the lack of movement exacerbated some arthritis. So I started slow and, in all honesty, I only trotted when people weren't looking Bottom line though, I was very careful and now my horse has become sounder with more movement. People say she looks sound, but I'm not sure I would go that far.

    Make sure there's nothing really wrong and try starting a slow rehab. I would only do very light, light lunging. I would stay away from sidereins and transition work for a while. Rather long straight lines at first. Trail ride some if possible. Do lots of walking and start with adding 3 minutes a week and see how he goes.

    Old horses take a lot lot longer to get back into shape. It's easier to break them. Your horse needs time to develop muscle to support himself before he can go to "work."

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