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    Nov. 17, 2006

    Default Frogs in my Toilet!

    Yes, seriously. I went into my bathroom the other day, lifted the lid and inside the bowl was a frog. And the weirdest thing is is this is the third time this has happened in the past year. What's up with that? Where are they coming from?!!! I've never heard of this happening. Kind of freaks me out since you never expect it. it's as if they are swimming up from the septic tank somehow.

    Anyone ever hear of this?

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    Oct. 1, 2010
    Dried up, TX


    No ideas here but just be thankful it's frogs and not snakes.

    That would really be freaky!
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    Jun. 20, 2000
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    Or rats. Srsly. Twice I had rats swim up the sewer line into my 2d FLOOR bathroom. Once it had drowned. The other was still swimming. Now that was a dilemma.

    They are, in fact, swimming up from your septic tank. Keep the lid down.
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    Means your tank lid is not sealed or your view ports are cracked or moved. Get it done soon, or frogs will be the least of your problems!

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