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    Default Spinoff from the oxy thread

    Do you think people get into addictive substances with the intention of getting hooked?

    My dad was an alcoholic. He started drinking in his 40s after being laid off and unable to find a new job. This led to a divorce, loss of his house, moving back in with his elderly parents, diabetes, and ultimately death from a hemorrhaging cirrhotic liver at age 62.

    I have always wondered if the alcohol was the cause or the effect of his inability to recover from his problems. In a way, I think he started drinking so he would have an excuse for his inability to dig himself out of his mess. The man had a genius IQ, was an inventor, published author, and accomplished artist. I never will understand how someone so intelligent could allow himself to be ruined by addiction.
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    No, I don't. In some cases I do think there is a genetic predisposition. I also think some people can't take what life throws at them, loss of a job, death of a family member etc
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    Very, very few people walk in thinking about the addictive nature of their "substance of choice" or their own personalities.

    Today, I don't think many people aren't aware of the concept of addiction. That wasn't true in my parents' generation. But how many people know whether or not they are equipped to resist addiction or recover from it? How many people know whether or not they are using anything in an addictive fashion when they start out? How many people know (before hand) whether or not they have the psychological equipment to dabble in drugs, alcohol (or sugar or sex or the internet or shopping or couponing) without it becoming a problem?
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    I think people have a genetic predisposition to addiction, but most don't recognize they are addicted until they go to treatment and admit it. Denial is the number one factor of a continuing addict of any type, and actually denial seems to be the number one reaction of most people to almost any situation they don't want to accept or change.
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    I never gave addiction half a thought when I started smoking. Then again that was more years than I care to mention. Cant even say they were calling it an addiction back then. Thankfully that is all I am addicted to other than the smell of horse.

    But some people seem to get addicted to everything that makes them feel good it seems. Beer, Wine, Pills, smoke legal or illegal. Some choose the entire list, others like me are able to pick and choose. I have a dear friend who comes from a long line of Alcoholics. With her in mind I have to believe that some of the addiction is controlled by body chemistry.

    I dont know if it's altered by starting the substance where as it turns into an addiction or if something is lacking that feeds off what the substance is giving.

    Your mileage may vary .......
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    Quote Originally Posted by mvp View Post
    How many people know whether or not they are using anything in an addictive fashion when they start out? How many people know (before hand) whether or not they have the psychological equipment to dabble in drugs, alcohol (or sugar or sex or the internet or shopping or couponing) without it becoming a problem?
    You forgot horses.

    OGM, I have heard from recovering heroin addicts that quitting smoking is harder.
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    I've heard the same thing Thehorseproblem.

    No, I don't think many go into anything knowing/expecting to get hooked. I do think many might know it's addictive but also think it'll never happen to them. They can stop whenever they want to. That's the addiction talking though.

    Alcoholism runs in my family on my father's side. His grandfather and father died from it. All his uncles and 2 of his 3 brothers died from it. Most of his male cousins have it or died from it. My father died from it. His remaining living brother won't touch alcohol and I don't know if his cousin drinks at all. (that one's into horses too, I don't know him though)
    I have 2 had a serious problem with it and one hasn't had any issues with it at all. He can drink once in a while socially, no issues. The other brother became an alcoholic when his wife cheated on him and left him. he lost everything after that. Damned shocked he didn't lose his life...almost 2 decades of being drunk and he lived. AND he stopped drinking 2 years ago and hasn't gone back at all since so far! So very proud of him! I tried for ages to help....a losing battle. But he did it himself.

    oddly not a single female from that side of the family nor any of my sisters has ever had a drinking problem. Not sure if it passes only through the male side in this family or not. I don't drink at all...well, maybe one drink every 3 years or so. I don't like the taste, I have no tolerance for alcohol and even bartending for years...I dunno, drunks turn me off. And it's probably sexist, but drunk females seem worse to me. Trashy. I also hate not being in complete control, so I never was a drinker. Got drunk twice in my teens...rite of passage crap...that was it.

    Addiction sucks. Damned tough! My brother also stated it was easier to quit drinking than smoking.
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    I am on numerouse meds three of wich are pain meds and addictive.
    In 3 1/2 years I have only taken maybe 50 pills of each med. My Dr. wether
    I am taking the pain pills or not switches my scripts every three months
    reason is if I would have to take them on a regular basis my body will not become accustome to them and they will still work when I do take them.

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    Addiction rarely manifests because of what we see on the outside. People become addicted more often than not because of trauma, co-occuring disorders, or a chemical imbalance/predisposition.

    People abuse drugs and alcohol because it numbs the pain of whatever demons they are facing. When the pain of the addiction outweighs the pain of the demons, that is when people generally seek help. Generally, there is no simple explanation as to why someone has addiction issues. It's usually very deep rooted and something they have buried for a long time. I work in the industry and honestly, most of the horse people I know fit the criteria, and many have ruined marriages, relationships, etc because of their inability to regulate their "addiction" to horses or riding. Addiction comes in so many shapes and sizes, but really it's all about focusing an unnatural amount of time and attention on something in order to escape something else.

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    Thehorseproblem- are your "recovering heroine addicts" clean, or on methadone? I've known ONE person who got off Heroine, cold turkey, no methadone. He said it was the HARDEST thing he had EVER done in his entire life. The pain and general shite of it kept him clean, no matter how hard the temptation.

    Curbappeal- not to sound snarky, but do you have an abnormally high I.Q?? It can be difficult to deal with, my Father has an extremely high I.Q, he has an issue with using alcohol to self medicate. Granted my Dad has issues in his past that contribute to the SM problem.

    Have you thought that there may be problems that you never knew of?

    Drinking one's self to death within 20 yrs seems to me that there was an underlying med issue, or something else going on.

    I'm sorry for your loss.

    I reject your reality, and substitute my own- Adam Savage

    R.I.P Ron Smith, you'll be greatly missed

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