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    Default Outside temperature - sun vs shade?

    Curious if anyone knows how this works. When weather stations report it is 98 degF where/how do they get that measurement? I always assumed the "instrument" readings meant temps in the sun.

    Which leads to: in the summer - how many degrees difference could be measured if one is in the direct sun vs in the shade?

    Other factors being humidity and wind.

    Summer is the only time I wish we had a covered arena. Thank goodness for trees.

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    No, predicted and actual temps are in the shade as that is the only reliable way to get a temp. Put a thermometer in the sun and watch it explode. Just kidding. I don't know that it would actually explode but if you have an outside thermometer it's always situated where it is always in the shade. Take it into the sun and watch the temperature climb.
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    not only does the weather dept take their readings in the shade, their thermometers also have to be a specified distance from the ground. The temperatures reported are therefore reasonably close to accurate air temperatures, as unaffected as possible by heat reflected off adjacent buildings or other surfaces.

    My DH is an amatuer weather buff and has temperature sensors at various locations in and out of our house. If I want an accurate outdoor air temperature reading I'll check the sensor on the back porch in the morning and the one under the rose arbor in the afternoon. There could be a discrepancy of 30 degrees or more depending on when the sensors are in the sun. We also have a sensor for the concrete slab in the house and an interior wall that doesnt get direct sun and isnt close to a window or heat source. The slab stays close to a constant temperature year round and helps keep the house considerably cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter--huge heat sink.

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