We have had a mass hatching of horrible biting flies and I needed to get a fly sheet on one of the horses who has not been wearing one. I dug out all my saved up old fly sheets--two are from the 1980's and two from the early '90's . I haven't used them in years, but hate to throw out anything that might be useful.
Now I remember why I used to hate fly sheets so much.

My gosh, the design has improved so very much. Today's fly sheets actually fit and fit well and cover much more of the horse. The old ones were all cut back on top, so that they lay right on the withers or behind. I recall the days when I could not keep a sheet on a horse too many days in a row because that fit would sore them up. I really appreciate the way today's sheets are cut up higher on the neck. And they were short--barely cover the horse's sides. And they gap on the chest. And get way tight across the chest too as the day wears on.

I gave up on them all and put on last year's torn up one until I can get a new one.

One does forget how it used to be...