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    Default Anyone have a Cat Genie litterbox?

    Do you love it or hate it? How long have you had it?

    After much travail, we bought one a couple of months ago. I'm "meh" about it: the cats don't cover their poop in it, so it still smells before the cycle runs, and the cycle is so long it's like waiting for the washing machine to run!

    Plus, our younger cat does not like to go in it. We've tried all the acllimating steps in the guide, but if we take the regular litterbox away, she will poop all over the house.

    Hubby thought it would be the best thing ever, but even he's a bit disillusioned now. I really wanted the Litter Robot, where it rotates and dumps the poop in a little drawer, but he says he's heard that poop gets smeared all inside the barrel. We had a Litter Maid for years but it gave up the ghost. Tried a newer model and it was terrible.
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    Have had two for six months - very happy with them. Even our really finicky guy uses them.

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