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    Sep. 1, 2007

    Default I miss my horse and I miss riding

    I just wanted to cry about it for a bit.

    I gave my horse to a wonderful woman who is taking the best care of him. He is fat and happy and she couldn't be more in love with him. This makes me very happy. He and I had 10 great years together and he has so many more to give, I only wish that I could have continued to be his main woman.

    Unfortuneatly, the reason that I let him go was the terrible 'finances'. We are in a right bad shape now (I live in an area that is almost completely based on tourism, as is my job), and things have been more depressed here than I can ever remember. Struggling between work and school, my husband on unemployment, and the prospect of moving for a better education and work industry pushed me to make my final decision and find my horse the best home.

    I am free to visit him whenever I'd like, but she lives over an hour away and with gas prices this high and our income that low, we can hardly justify getting out there more than once a month at most. I am so out of riding shape that I can't stay on for more than 30 minutes of real riding (a walking trail ride is fine but there aren't too many trails out her way yet). If she didn't live so far out there I would opt for public transportation but alas, no boonies-express 'round here.

    Of course I can't take lessons either for the same reasons. It is killing me knowing that 17 years of riding is going down the drain right now. I just want to ride more than 30 minutes once a month. It becomes such a part of you that it feels hollow without them.

    I know that once my husband and I finish school and get ourselves to a better area, I will be able to ride again, but it feels like such a long road without the horses to help me through.

    Alright, I'm done, thanks for allowing my self-pity party. I know things could be much worse and I feel badly for complaining, but sometimes you just have to get it off your chest.

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    May. 2, 2006


    Aw, you're allowed to complain.

    I'm sorry you had to rehome your horse, but it sounds like you made the right decision. Is there a chance the new owner would give him, or sell him, back after your finances are in order someday?

    I hear you on not being able to take lessons. I haven't for a few years now, and I miss it. I still own my horse, but I have a woman shareboarding him to help with expenses. Plus with two jobs I don't have time to ride every day anyway, just a few days a week. I can't justify lessons right now because that money is put to better use someplace else - like gassing up my car.

    Again, so sorry you had to give up your horse. That's tough. Hang in there!

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    Feb. 10, 2007
    SE Wisconsin


    It doesn't sound like pity to me. It sounds like mourning-- the loss of your beloved friend and the relationship you had with him. ***HUGS***

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    May. 6, 2009
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    Depending on your riding skills, you might be able to find some horses to work in the meantime. The first thing horse people cut back on is training, so there might be plenty of horses around that need work but people can't afford the training bills. Try putting an ad in craigslist or at the local tack stores, or just ask at the local stables if there are any horses whose owners need help getting them out. There are at least three people at my barn who pay nothing for upkeep, but have horses to ride every day because the owners can't ride the horses or can't get out.

    It's not your own horse, but at least you'd be riding.
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    Sep. 20, 2010
    United States of Absurdistan



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    Apr. 19, 2004
    Williamstown, MA USA


    You have done the right thing, as difficult as it is, and, yes, you are mourning. The economy is running roughshod over many of us and very difficult choices are too often necessary.
    You will reach a better place in your lives, I promise. Stay positive!

    We are in a similar position.
    Form follows function, or does function follow form?

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    Jun. 8, 2008


    I to am in the same situation, I feel your pain, sorrow, loss of your best friend.
    I just made a slide show of memories with Tobias, and it makes me cry every time.

    You did the right thing, you know and I know that our horses are in the best care, and are happy. when we get back on our feet we can get back into riding.

    I would look into a boarding stable that may need riders. Where my sister is they have a few TBs that need work, and I can go ride. Only problem for me is that they want someone who can commit to a schedule or once or twice a week. I agree and totally understand, but I can't do that, so I'm still not riding. When I get the time I will take one of those TBs and have myself a project.

    Things will get better, it's hard now, things are hectic at home and usually I go cry on my horse's shoulder, but I can't now. Take it one day at a time.

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    Sep. 1, 2007


    Thank you everyone.

    I'm so sorry to hear that I am not the only one! I know we made the right decision and it is only in that fact that we manage, isn't it?

    I do plan on checking up on a barrel racing trainer that I worked with a few years ago. We got along pretty well and she might be up for some additional help with getting her in-training horses worked. Otherwise, this isn't a very horsey area and my options are limited, although I appreciate the advice and will do some further investigating.

    Here's to hoping that those of us in this situation or nearing it will get back up on our feet before we know it!

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    Feb. 9, 2000


    I'm with ya. A friend called me today and told me she saw my horse being worked and met his new owner last week. She said he looked great and "they do a really nice job there." I know it was for the best for both of us but yeah, it isn't easy. I hope you find yourself back in the saddle soon. : - )

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