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    May. 31, 2011

    Default bute vs. asprin??? Need info!

    i have a older belgian draft approx. 1750lbs. he gets shivers in his back right and has arthritis. We just got him and he was so sore on his leg he was limping really bad so i started him on bute. It worked wonders! He hasn't gotten any shivers since the day i started the bute. But i know it's not good to keep a horse on it long term because it can mess up there stomach up. But i heard you can do asprin long term. I just know nothing about it. Is it people asprin? Horse asprin? how much do i give him? suggestions and info would be sooooo appriciated!
    Also ive been mixing it with applesauce and injecting it into his mouth (Like with wormer) because he wont eat it on his food but he has EPSM and applesauce isnt good for him. anything else i could mix it with?

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    Asprin has the same side effects as bute a bit lower perhaps but not much, coated asprin may help some, not sure entirely. Equioxx/previcoxx has the same side effects as bute but much lower risk of ulcers.

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    Aspirin and bute are identical in the risk/side effect department. Aspirin has a shorter half life and needs to be dosed multiple times per day for maximum effect. Both also very similar otherwise in efficacy. Take your pick.

    The amount of applesauce it takes to dose meds is not going to send a horse that size off the rails, honest.
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    Yep, half life of aspirin in horses is really short. Do you have a vet that will prescribe previcox? Once a day pill is really easy to give, and a bit easier on the stomach. Otherwise I would just keep him on the bute; maybe see how low a dose keeps him happy.

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