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    Aug. 14, 2009
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    Quote Originally Posted by BasqueMom View Post
    We have one of these:

    It be da bomb!
    Quote Originally Posted by unicorndreams21 View Post
    I have been *thinking* about getting one of these for a few years now. I don't know anyone who has one. Do they work well or are they a PITA? Have you used it on varied terrain? How well does it push?
    Get one. I've had mine now for 3 or 4 years and no way would I ever go back to a stick weed whacker. I use mine on all of my fencelines, and when I'm cutting new electric rope fences lines. My Swisher will take down saplings, thick weeds, anything I throw at it.

    The big tires make it easy to get over rough ground, I can push it until it runs out of gas without being tired.

    I sound like I should sell these things, my neighbour bought one after she saw mine, but they really are awesome if you have a lot of weed whacking to do.

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    Sep. 5, 2011


    Whatever my husband feels like charging me? Lol!!

    Actually, while we do have a couple of those carry-around weed-whackers that my husband uses on occasion, hubby did buy me one of those Troy-Bilt weed-whackers on wheels, which is really something! No backaches, easy to maneuver - worth every penny & LOVE IT!!!

    I tried using one of the regular weed-whackers once, & thanks to my craptastic back, ended up looking like Quasimodo in about 20 minutes. Not worth the agony.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rabtfarm View Post
    I think that this is the type of job that teenagers were put on the planet for...and after they are done weedwacking around the posts, they can paint the fences. $10 per hour is what we pay.
    We pay the same amount for the same jobs...trying to find kids that actually want to work, almost impossible!

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    Quote Originally Posted by *JumpIt* View Post
    Am I the only one who read this as "how much do you pay for your weed?" I was very curious how this was horse related...
    i read the same thing!
    and am very curious about the answer these days!!!!lol!!!

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    Nov. 23, 2009
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    @Acertain smile: we have been fortunate to find a mature responsible high schooler who reliably does the stalls weekends and holidays. More mature than the 30 year old we interviewed who couldn't wait to badmouth everyone we knew locally in the horse business.
    The farm hand (another high schooler) is a bit of a clock watcher which means he needs to work supervised. We anticpate probably losing the high schooler next summer at graduation, so we will need to look again.

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