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    Mar. 16, 2006
    Larkspur, Colo.

    Arrow I performed surgery on my horse today

    Well, it was minor surgery -- only a splinter. But it was a nasty, huge, honkin' splinter.

    I noticed it two days ago when I was grooming him but mistook the lump on Tanager's neck for a bug bite. Today I realized he had something wedged under the skin.

    I could see it and feel it under his skin but I couldn't grab the end of it with the tweezers. It took 10 minutes to dig the sucker out with my needle-nosed pliers.
    (Didn't notice until now -- made in America )

    He must have been rubbing his neck on a wood post and gotten the splinter jammed in on the upsweep, judging by the entry wound:

    Alas, if only all of my veterinary problems were so simple and could be solved with a pair of pliers.

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    Mar. 26, 2008


    Yikes! How was he when you took it out?! I've gotten a few nasty splinters and they hurt like heck to dig out. That one looks like a doozy.
    "Last time I picked your feet, you broke my toe!"

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    Mar. 16, 2006
    Larkspur, Colo.


    It probably didn't help that it festered in there for two days, but he stood like the gentleman he is and protested only politely with a little head shakey shakey. He's such a good boy.

    Had this happened to the "Douche Bag," this would be a whole different story.

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    May. 30, 2005


    I've done that too. The weekend of the 4th the year my old Tb had his eye removed my neighbor forgot to tell me he was going to be shooting fireworks off on the 5th that year. So me thinking I had lucked out and fireworks were going to be skipped that year, turned my guys out. At the first BOOM I ran out to put them up but the damage had been done My mare had already run Mick into the fence on his blind side. I spent the better part of an hour pulling out splinters He was such a gentleman! A few weeks later I was grooming him and noticed a hard spot on his neck. The vet was coming out the next day for routine stuff so she looked at it. One small cut with a scapel and out popped a splinter about the size of yours. It was baffling how there was no swelling or infection around it.

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