I think I was born horse crazy. I'm told my second word was "hort." And this from a city kid. My parents took me to ride at a livery stable in the park when I was three. I cried until they put me in the "big" ring, on a horse, not a pony, and I leaned down, grabbed the stirrup leathers, and made the horse run. I still remember how white the girl teacher's face was when she finally caught up with us, but I was laughing. Somehow my parents understood my obsession and found me the best teachers, trainers. My mom got me in Pony Club when I was eight and I started learning to jump. They bought me my first pony when I was eleven. Horses have been a lifetime joy for me and I was blessed with my understanding parents, even though they knew nothing about horses. They never stopped supporting me. Thanks, mom and dad. You were the greatest horse parents ever.