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    May. 27, 2008

    Default MISSING-STOLEN "2" ASB Horses in Campbellsville, KY

    First, I am posting a link to their page on

    I have had trouble posting pictures of them, but they are on that thread.

    The horses were sent to a female trainer, who lived with and was involved in a relationship with the barn owner. The relationship fell apart and the female trainer left the horses and moved out of state. The owner of the farm contacted me and advised me of the situation. I began making arrangements to ship them home. I could not reach the farm owner for almost a week and when I did he informed that he had been out of town for the weekend and when he returned the horses were gone and he was pleasantly surprised. He never called to inquire. He has no idea he claims who took the horses. Upon this notification I called and notified the sheriff and subsequently found out that this individual is involved in an on going investigation with state authorties (very serious). The theory is that he could not wait around for the hauler to pick up the horses as he has been avoiding questioning by the authorities and will not answer their calls. His whereabouts is really not known at this time, his office says he does a lot of traveling. We are using every available source known to get the word out about our horses. Here is their description: 6 year old chestnut (copper red) with four high white stockings (over the knee) and a beautiful white blaze. He is green broke to ride, does not have his tail cut. I purchased him and he was not registered and I was waiting for the DNA kit to register him. He is very flashy and would catch your eye, especially due to his 4 leg markings. The second horse is a 4 year old jet black stud colt, with 3 white socks, white star and snip, he is broke to drive and green broke to ride. Also very flashy looking and big. He is registered, does not have his tail cut. Both are very kind and very mannerly, especially the stud colt. The horses were paid up to date.
    If anyone has any information you can call the Campbellsville Sheriff's Dept. 270-465-4351 and ask for Deputy Benningfield. Thank you for your help, it is a traumatic time for us.

    Here are the pics of the boys with their descriptions. PLEASE keep an eye out for them!

    "BUCKEYE": Approximately 15.1-15.3 hands. Black American Saddlebred Stallion with black mane and tail. White mark on his forehead irregularly shaped almost like the state of Ohio. White stripe beginning in middle of face, widening out and continuing down to nose. White on top of lip on left side. Front legs white in front until middle of foreleg, white runs higher in back of front legs to a point at back of knees. White on left hind to middle of foreleg. Right hind heel bulb on right side white. Tail is natural and has not been cut.

    Attached Thumbnails

    "SOCKS" Approximately 15.1-15.3 Hands. RED CHESTNUT American Saddlebred Gelding. Bright copper red color with red mane and tail. LARGE white stripe from top of forehead down and covering nose and nostrils. White on bottom lip and chin. Four high white stockings on legs, front legs white goes over the knees, back legs white comes up to the hocks. Tail is natural and has not been cut

    Attached Thumbnails

    We fear they may be on the Auction circuit, so anyone who goes to auctions, please be on the lookout for both of them. Thank you for your help. They are also posted on my FB profile "Hilarie Thomas". Thank you for looking.

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    May. 27, 2008

    Default Still Missing

    Please if you go to any auctions, no matter where, please be on the lookout for these two beautiful boys.

    I have posted them on ABR, here, Saddlebred Rescue and facebook. If you would like, you can friend me there:

    Thanks for looking.

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