And I didn't even know it. I feel awful!

I got this horse almost a year ago. When I brought him home, I had the vet out to do his teeth then. We were pretty sure he had never had them done. He had super sharp hooks, and lesions on his cheeks from the hooks. She filed them down as far as she could, everything else was fine.

When she came out yesterday, I had her check him again. He had some good hooks again. So she did his teeth and they looked great. However, when she was almost done, I jokingly asked how his "boy teeth" looked. (His K9 teeth). That is when we noticed the left one was missing! He had it last year and I have opened his mouth every once in awhile through out the year. So when the heck did he lose it? How on earth did it happen? And how did I not notice?!? I feel terrible. I am an awful mom. You would have thought he would have been sore, or swollen, or told me something! Sigh...

So now I may change his show name to Toothless! (From "How to train your dragon")