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    Jan. 20, 2011
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    Default Bar F Brushing Boots..

    I know Woof Boots are a staple for many eventers- but I have a large draft cross with lots of bone. Several boots I have tried do not fit correctly.

    I thought the Bar F boots might be a good choice since they sell a front and back boot in an XL.

    The woof boot sizing chart recommends any horse 16.3 and over do a large in the front and an XL in the back. That would have worked well for my large boned TB who was 16.3- but not my draft cross.

    Wondering if anyone knows how these boots hold up, if they retain water, and if they run small/large.

    Also- would really love White but second guessing it (as we all do with white) Are these boots easy to clean/keep in good 'white condition'? - if you happen to have a white pair

    Thanks!! (open to boot suggestions)

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    Feb. 26, 2007
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    I'm sure others will know better, but someone I know uses Bar F boots because they are the only thing she can find to fit her pony's little legs...
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    I have used Bar Fs for YEARS. My old horse went novice to prelim in them (small TB). While they are not my "go to" boots any longer for MY horses (I prefer boots with tendon guards once we start using studs, and can't use neoprene on either of them), I use them A LOT for every day on other horses, and still compete a lot of lower level horses in them.

    They seem to be good boots for EITHER extreme. I have smalls for one of our ponies, but I think I had a client get the XLs for her VERY large draft cross (I think they were Bar Fs). They hold up VERY well (probably still have a few pairs in the 10-15yr old range), even with hard, daily use (better than Woof in my opinion). I throw them in the washer and dryer and they wash up well. While they do hold some amount of water on xc, they don't suddenly become 5lb water weights...I never notice that they are THAT much heavier.

    As for the white, well, I don't have any. BUT, I do have lots of white fuzzy boots for my two sensitive skinned horses and I use them several times a week (cycle through my vast collection of fuzzy boots). They also get washed a TON (because both my boys are disgusting sweaters AND they love to creek stomp). They wash up pretty well even with all that abuse. I have the hardest time keeping the velcro clean (tip: don't wash white boots with dark colored things for the velcro to stick to!), but otherwise, they stay quite white (white enough to use them in a DQ lesson ). If you save whites for JUST shows, they'll probably hold up even better.

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    Feb. 4, 2004


    I have an old (10 yrs?) pair that have lasted as well as my other knock-off woof boots (Roma, I think). I've been happy with them and would buy again.

    Not sure on the sizing though--my M are good for average sized TBs, but not sure what the upper ranges look like.

    For some reason I always read the label as 1 word though, so I mentally think of them as "barf boots"

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    Mar. 13, 2006
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    Those who have them, do you have the event boots or the brushing bots?
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    Jan. 20, 2011
    Grand Island, Nebraska


    Barf Boot! hilarious!! A slight marketing faux-pas

    I historically ride my mare with no boots- but now that we will have studs while competing I need to find boots that fit her draftie stature.

    Love, Love, Love my farrier for making me custom shoes for her that rock! She wears a shoe size 6!

    Love my draft cross- but having to re-buy every piece of tack I own is a little sickening. I have bridles, saddles, and boots out the wazoo but of course- they all don't fit by a few inches!

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