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    Apr. 21, 2010

    Default CL ad - horses need an upgrade!

    Anyone interested?
    Saw this a min ago:

    i have 2 horses i must sell before the 10th.

    the first horse is a 6 yr old mare. stands at 13.2h. a very beautiful bay. friendly but is not broke to ride. i have been on her but she can be stubborn and not move. needs training. but she will be a great horse. needs farrier work i havent been able to get a farrier out yet. may need patience as she doesnt seem to pick up her feet very well. but once you get them up she will stand there. only problem i have with her so far is she refuses to load onto a trailer. may need to be tranquilized.

    second horse is a 2 yr old stud. stands at about 14h. grey in color. a little shy. needs work but i think would make a great horse. can be gelded or keep him as a stud. never had a saddle on as far as i know. leads loads and ties. i believe he is good with the farrier as when i got him a month ago his feet looked good.

    they dont have a coggins done. if you want it done you must do it yourself. i dont have the time or the money right now to get it done.

    must find these two horses homes before the 10th as i am moving and cant take them with me. great project horses. asking $200 for the stud and $400 for the mare. or take both for $500. SERIOUS IQUIRIES ONLY PLEASE.

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    Aug. 10, 2008
    Kinston, NC


    Oh dear god. There are no words.

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    Feb. 26, 2011
    Just west of BFE


    Wanna bet the mare is a twofer?
    Quote Originally Posted by The Saddle View Post
    Perhaps I need my flocking adjusted.

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    Apr. 21, 2010


    The grey is so thin...but looks really cute despite his pissy face. The chestnut looks ok, weight wise. God only knows what her feet look like.

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    Feb. 6, 2003


    The grey's attitude might improve if they either took that halter off or put it back on his face where it belongs instead of hanging off of his neck like that.

    The bay is a chestnut.

    And of course despite being 6, she's not broke to ride.

    Ya know, that seems to be an epidemic in the last decade or so. I come across more adult horses that haven't been trained for riding than I can shake a stick at. And tons more between the ages of 10-20 that are barely green broke/had a rider a few times maybe. They like to call them "great _____ prospect!" Sorry, in it's teens it shouldn't be a prospect anymore unless it's changing disciplines.

    Folks, if you're going to have horses...train the flippin' things! They don''t need any more off stacked against them when you realize you can't afford them or no longer want them.
    You jump in the saddle,
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    OMG, yes that bay is so beautiful she turned chestnut.

    You guys have so warped me with these CL ads I posted one the other day for my "Woolen" saddle rack.
    "Everyone will start to cheer, when you put on your sailin shoes"-Lowell George

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    Oct. 26, 2007
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    Default I worry about this country, it is full of stupids...

    Jesus Christo… Really need to have people pass a test before you can buy a horse.

    Can a two year old stallion impregnate a mare?
    How often does a horse need its feet trimmed?
    How much does it COST to keep a horse?

    What do you want to bet this dimwit would fail on all of the above questions? Poor horses, people have FAILED them, hope they do not end up on a one way truck, but I wouldn’t doubt that is where they are headed.

    Stupid person…. She bought the “stud” one month ago? After she already had a horse she couldn’t properly take care of. Now she is “moving” and needs them gone? You would have to PAY some one to take horses like these… not charge for the privilege (unless you are selling them for their meat). Clueless…

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    Oct. 26, 2005
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    A two yer old stud is not old enuf to bred.
    You ned to have a ferrier trim horses feet twice a year. Same for worming.
    It cost $6 for a bag of sweet feed and it last two weeks so add it up and that is what it cost to have a horse. The other stuff is extra.

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    *Puts a nice pillow on Moon's desk before her head hits it*
    Adoring fan of A Fine Romance
    Originally Posted by alicen:
    What serious breeder would think that a horse at that performance level is push button? Even so, that's still a lot of buttons to push.

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