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I'll wait for pictures, but...

Is it possible that banana shaped panels are not the ideal fit for his back, and/or it sits level when he's standing, but doesn't STAY level once he's in motion and presumably lifting his back more?

Otherwise, I don't know. A friend of mine had started seeing rubs like this with her banana-shaped dressage saddle and they stopped when she got a different saddle - this is where my earlier thoughts came from.

Cutting holes in every pad you use on him so they don't come back sounds expensive! And doesn't really seem like a remedy to the (yet unknown) cause.
I'll just cut holes in one. : )
He is a temporary ride so I need more of a quick fix rather than a remedy.

It very well might stop with a different saddle.
We know that the cause is absolutely from the saddle. But is it from my particular two that I use on every horse that I ride? Or is it from every saddle on the planet. That's the question.

Or maybe if I can heal that sucker up once and for all it will not come back--now that he travels straighter.