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    Apr. 21, 2006

    Default Cats on a special diet and too skinny...

    My family has two cats at home that recently (6 months ago?) switched over to an all-canned food diet. The younger kitty is a 3 year old male that had kidney issues, so he necessitated the change. The older cat is probably around 9 now and she developed rather severe allergies about a year and a half ago. Luckily, she can eat the boy's food (the vets had quite a time determining what they could both eat since trying to feed them separately would have been a nightmare). They currently get Royal Canin Urinary SO three times a day.

    Both look and act healthy; shiny coats and bright eyes, all that. But the male especially has lost weight and while he certainly doesn't look gaunt, he is noticeably thin and has lost quite a bit of weight since being on this diet (and he wasn't chubby before). The older cat has always had that spay belly and used to be pretty fat, but since her allergies flared up she does look pretty gaunt. They're getting quite a bit of food as it is, and we really can't feed anything else because one will get kidney stones and the other will get a rash! Any ideas? Thanks

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    RC so comes in dry as well.

    Were their daily calorie requirements calculated and was your family to feed them accordingly?

    They may not being fed "enough" to maintain their BCS.

    Check the feeding guide. ....developing riders, NOT passengers!
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    My cat was recently changed to a different kibble per vet orders and since has gotten very skinny.
    I now add Platinum Feline Performance supplement to get some weight back and keep him active on his restrictive calories.
    You could ask your vet if a supplement would put them at risk of kidney stones or not.

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    Have you had his kidney values checked recently? Chronic renal failure and hyperthyroidism can often lead to "shrinking" kitties. Renal failure can be a result of stones.

    Also, you need to feed a LOT more tin food compared to dry tin food is up to 80% water, especially the urinary diets.

    Maybe try switching to a renal diet, if you are already using royal canin, the Renal diet may be better for your kitty than the Urinary diet. With kidney stones, even giving him a bit of both wouldnt likely hurt!

    Renal LP (148kCal/100g) is 1.5x higher in calories than Urinary SO (103kcal/100g).

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    Apr. 21, 2006


    Yes, the vet calculated what they'd need. I might have my mom ask the vet a) if they could have some dry as well (although I think it ended up having stuff the allergic kitty couldn't handle) and b) if we should get some tests done on the boy to see if anything's up.

    Platinum is a good idea too...helped my horsey get his appetite back and pack on the pounds!

    ETA: Looked up the info on Urinary SO and the paperwork "discourages" feeding both dry and canned formulas (?). I checked the recommended servings and they could definitely be getting more...either our vet or my mom didn't get the memo there (being away at college makes it a bit difficult to help...I'm better with horse nutrition anyway!)

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