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    Cat trees are wonderful.....and you can often find good sized ones on Craigslist for $40 to $50 bucks. Foster for a rescue and have gotten 3 or 4 that way.
    Plus have a small one in the hall bath for kittens == that's their settle in
    spot and safe place.

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    Kittens work best in pairs!

    I've had single kittens who could drive me crazy. And then I've had kitten pairs - and they play with each other and didn't end up being as destructive (I currently have a single kitten and really wish I could get another one to keep him company, but that would put me o ver DH's cat limit!)
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    I second the 'get her a friend' suggestion, though I guess it's not practical for you at the moment.

    What has worked for me is to remove all breakable objects {i've learned over the years to do that before I find out if the kitty is hyperactive rather than after } and put up small shelves at strategic points on a wall where the cat can lie and (preferably) bask in the sun. They should be slightly staggered so that the cat can choose between them, but the higher the better usually works best. Obviously not too high that if the cat jumps it's still safe to land.

    You can cover the shelves in a thin layer of foam on top and staple faux sheepskin over as a cover. A better idea would be to make removable covers which slip off when you need to wash them. (Wish I'd thought of that before!)

    On all other surfaces place sticky mats as already suggested. It really does deter cats, as well as perhaps putting something which they don't like the smell of but which isn't toxic in any way on all no-go areas.
    I have a spray which discourages cats from climbing on sofas etc, it really works well. Don't know what the ingredients are but it's specifically for cats / dogs. It smells like a citronella mix to me.

    One always has to give an alternative or you won't change the behaviour Having said that, madcap kitties are perfectly normal

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