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    Default Thought I wanted to retire early, but maybe I don't

    Pros and cons of early retirement? I love my job, but don't need to work. Pay and benefits are great. 10 minute commute from my house to work. Nice co-workers. 15 minutes from work to the barn. Flexible work schedule to accomodate horse shows. Great boss. Five weeks of paid vacation.

    Thought I'd retire in November of 2010. Didn't. I think my fear is that I'll become a servant at home. DH doesn't share my appreciation of a clean house and beautifully mowed fields. We've discussed this, but he's not willing to change. DH is semi-retired. He goes to the office two days a week. On his non-work days, he should do some laundry, dishes, grocery shopping and mowing, but that doesn't happen. He finds other things to do, like facebook and reading a book. Must be nice not to be bothered by the dirty dishes, piles of laundry and overgrown lawn.

    My gut feeling is that until I fix the home situation, I'll be happier working.
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    Don't retire!

    From your post it seems obvious (to an outsider) that work=happiness, home=frustration and resentment.

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    blazn is right (as are you, OP).

    It sounds like work is objectively least compared to what I read/hear other folks saying about their jobs.

    But this job doesn't have to be your solution. If DH is just will.not.change, then make your post-work life just as rich and full as your working one. I promise you, you can fill it up with things that are compelling and satisfying to you. What about looking around for those opportunities now?
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