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    Jun. 28, 2003

    Default Its just so nice when your horses are settling into a really nice drive . . .

    We spent the winter at an indoor and got a lot of driving done. Alex really "got" it this winter with Tricia and most of the time he now goes right into a light "bouncy" gait with nice self-carriage - - without a lot of prodding on our part

    Cooper OTOH mostly put in time and miles this winter without a lot of "revelations"

    When we moved back to their regular quarters we had many non-horse weekends due to our schedule and the weather

    But now we are back on track except for the seemingly endless days of rain
    Last week it was sweatshirts and this week is drippng sweat

    But we had a great driving weekend last week, even though it was just up and down the farm drive (everyplace else was too wet) Did lots of drive thru the puddle work - or was that lake -- the puddles were big and deep enough

    This weekend has started out with good vibes too. Cooper had a nice calm drive today even with the mulch grinder gonig full tilt at the nextdoor farm
    and what seemed like every landscape trailer and dump truck going up the hill grinding their gears at the end of the dressage field
    Im just so pleased that Cooper has finally settled into loving driving. He had a growth spurt in the middle of learning to drive and it just muddled his mind. But he is over that now and just a real pleasure

    Makes you want to get up in the morning and hitch up!

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    Jan. 12, 2004
    No. VA


    Ahhhhh. The true joy of driving is a lovely pair happy to do their job.

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    Mar. 6, 2009

    Default Love to drive horses or ponies ~

    Simply grand to have a nice horse or pony to drive ~

    I drive mine everywhere ~ show rings and retire them to driving through the
    woods during their retirement years.
    Zu Zu Bailey " IT"S A WONDERFUL LIFE !"

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    Oct. 14, 2002


    Glad to hear it Alex and Cooper are doing so well. Gotta feel good. Enjoy it -- but then they can always be a horse!!!

    Zanzer has gone really well lately, no boogers, spooks. A friend of mine with a bum knee has gotten her horse fix lately riding in the cart with me. Zanzer was just a trooper, doing his little ground covering trot. Then yesterday--- after a good work out we were walking back to the house on the country lanes. There are shoulders if we need to get off.

    But this day we met a tractor with a round bale on the front. At this particular place there is not much shoulder and barb wire on both sides. He starts spinning to get away fron the beast!! I tried to get him past the tractor but no go. So we go back a few hundred feet to a driveway. The tractor comes in the drivway and stops. Zanzer was so into being afraid. But we worked it out, by time it was over, he was nibbling on the hay with the tractor running.

    Looker says give the boys a carrot for her. Take care

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    Mar. 7, 2011


    Our hackney is so much fun to drive, I know what you mean about settling in for a nice drive. The hackney has what I call an "auto pilot" mode. He just trots out nice and steady and even and we go out around the roads for a few miles. It's the kind of driving I just don't want to stop. It's so much fun when they hit that groove. I love it.

    Still hoping my QH learns to drive at some point, and I hope he'll do the same sort of auto pilot trot eventually and just go and go. Can't wait until he goes in with the trainer!
    Horses. Life. Photography.

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