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    Oct. 14, 2010

    Default PRP or Prolo in ankles?

    I've spent have half of the year so far with my ankle in a splint/aircast with tendonitis that just doesn't seem to want to heal. I had the splint off for a couple weeks then reinjured it last week, and was told last night to keep it on for a couple more weeks. I got prescription orthotics last night too.

    I've had problems with ankle instability on this foot, and had a mild sprain last fall. It just dropped out from under me after being good for a year or two. I've done so much PT over the last couple years, I'm almost furniture at that office.

    So has anyone ever done PRP or prolotherapy for ankles? My other doc does it, though not on me, for backs, necks, etc. The foot doctor, not so much. Since this has been going on for 2+ months, my opinion of conservative treatment is dropping.

    Any thoughts from the peanut gallery?

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    Apr. 15, 2008
    Orlean, Va

    Talking Love the P.R.P.

    check the threads for more info about PRP. We have written quite a bit about it.

    Instead of a face-lift, I had a back lift.. I have re-built my pelvis, S.I., and back with it. My dr. would be able to do it for ankles. We have talked about it for my floppy frog feet.

    I'm doing wonderfully well since I have done the P.R.P. Highly recommend it!
    I have gone from not being able to walk on my own without occasionally falling, to walking distances, to riding, to foxhunting, to now starting the training for eventing. I can walk the cross-country courses, too!

    Feel free to p.m. me.
    Intermediate Riding Skills

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    Mar. 10, 2011


    Where are you going to get PRP? I can't find a doctor who even knows what it is.

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    Feb. 8, 2002


    What is it, and can you use it on shoulders?

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    Apr. 15, 2008
    Orlean, Va

    Talking PRP info

    I apologize for not noticing this thread. I'm not over on this forum without a p.m. to let me know I'm able to help.

    To start you off is the website of Dr. Mayo Friedlis,
    He is a horseman, so he understands us. He has worked on many world class riders, who have then gone on to winning world championships. He is one of the long term gurus (lots of experience with excellent outcomes). He is kind and up on the latest reseach and who is the best at different types of regenerative therapies. He is near Washington, D.C., near Dulles airport.

    You will have ask him for the best person for your issues. My daughter has had another variation of stem cell regeneration for rebuilding her entire shoulder joint. She went from not being able to lift a fork to competing in a 1/2 marathon. I know he does many areas/joints, but I haven't been in to see him for many months.. I'm doing a check-up in a couple of weeks because he hasn't seen me and wants to follow my progress.

    The progress has been FANTASTIC! I just did a cross-country event jumping clinic with Jimmy Wofford!! On my green bean mare who had never jumped cross country! It was sooo wonderful to be able ride and not hurt or lose the feeling in my legs. Even though I checked the inside of my mares ears, while we leapt in unusual and novel ways, amid the run-outs. I was expecting to have spasms and cramps from my spine that night. Didn't happen! I'm a very happy camper, right now.
    Intermediate Riding Skills

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