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    Feb. 4, 2011

    Default Thankful for all the Generous horse people

    Just kind of a shoutout to the many people who have helped me in the horse world.... With hearing so many negatives with people these days its nice to sit back and realize how fortunate I have been.

    My horse is sidelined indefinitely (besides light trail riding which she is content with), and I can not afford another horse nor do I want to commit to another one with the vet bills I already have to pay. However, I have had so many people offer me a horse to ride at minimal cost or no cost to me (besides lesson fees) and I have taken them up on it. Granted, I have worked my butt off at these barns to re-pay the favor the best I can but I am still so greatful that people are willing to "loan" me a horse. None of these horses are perfect, but I am alright with that and I like the problem horses truthfully.

    Now he point of the story... I fell in love with a 2 year old arab 3 years ago. I knew I could never buy him and I did not have the time to put any work into him even if there was someway that I got the chance to work him. Now, (3 years later) I said something about that horse and turns out he was sent out to a "trainer" as 3 year old to get broke and he came back half dead. But, now as a 5 year old he needs to get back into work. His owner offered him to me free of charge and she will pay the board on him at my current barn if I would work with the horse. (I know it may sound like his owner is using me.... but I really don't see it this way. She didn't have to let me work him.) And, on top of that she offered to pay any show fees that I wanted to take him to in exchange for my work (if it all works out)

    Has anyone else had such good luck falling into horses to use because of gracious owners?? I know I am grateful they are out there!
    Who say's your best friend has to be human?

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    Jan. 22, 2011


    I am in the same boat your in. I have been able to ride so many horses because of the kindness of others. My farrier (who also does race horses) has let me ride so many of his horses after they have been retired or just to keep them in shape at his farm.

    A friend at my barn has more horses than she can ride so she lets me ride hers. I learn so much riding everyone elses horses but I dream of the day when I can have one of my own again.

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