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    Default How Many Poops...

    are considered the result of incontinance?
    My 8.5 YO boxer has spinal issues. Calcification of the nerves, and his right leg is pretty useless.

    He's pooped in the house 3x in a week. Some mornings he doesn't want to get out of bed and has to be lifted. Yet will sometimes still blast around in the back yard as best as he can.

    He's not a lazy guy, very well potty trained.

    I'm afraid this is the beginning of the end. He has a wheelchair, but DH and I decided that when he can't control it anymore, well....

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    Are you seeing him do it or just finding the piles after the fact? I would guess one of two things is happening, either he is having too much difficulty when he tries to go outside, so he holds it until he jst can't help it anymore, or he's truely incontinent and is unaware/unable to control it at all. But overall the reason is less important in your case, since you already know that you cannot do more to treat than what you already are. You could try adding in more pain meds and seeing if that helps him to go outside if he's not already on a ton.

    Vet Tech

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