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    Default A roll in the hay...

    ... or, is a cigar ever just a cigar?

    Filly almost two weeks old rrrrrrolllllsss blissfully in mama's hay. Gets up, runs and bucks, comes back to annoy mama, and roll again. My friend said "I've never seen that before, ask on COTH". I told her I would but that I was sure someone would say it was ulcers or something serious.

    What do you think? Is it possible that my filly likes the feel of the hay, and is just scratching an itch? She does not roll any other time. In fact I haven't seen her roll in breakfast hay, only dinner -- no wait, there was one breakfast roll. And I'm more in a hurry at breakfast, what with having to go to work, so I may have missed some.

    Baby is healthy and "normal" in every other way at this stage/age.
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    My now 16-yr-old mare did that as a foal. LOVED to roll in mom's hay. Nothing was wrong with her and she did grow out of it.
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    I have had a couple of babies over the years do this. Has to be mom's hay and has to be while mom is eating it too!
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    My foals like to pee in mom's hay. Not the grass hay...NO, the 20 dollar a bale stuff. LOL
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