Just throwing this out there to see what comes back...

There's a small possibility that I might throw in the towel and move to South Korea to teach English in the fall, for financial reasons (I could pay off my massive delinquent student loans in a year and save enough to travel afterwards). However, I now know from living in both Istanbul and New York that riding a top priority for anywhere I move (hence moving back to Texas, only to find that the economy does not match up with my interests).

So. I've been doing some research and there seem to be some nice barns around Seoul (I could probably even afford this: http://www.horseride.co.kr/), but there's also a little island called Jeju which is apparently known for its horses, waterfalls, and matriarchal society (ummm...heaven?). Seriously, they're apparently building a road for horses at some point: http://www.korea.net/detail.do?guid=46823.

I wouldn't mind riding dressage but I'd love to take lessons from a BNT specializing in jumpers. Are there even BNT in Korea?

The internet eludes me. Any info helpful!