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    Question Body Clipping a Cushing Horse - What blades??

    I have a client with old gelding with Cushings. To keep him from getting over heated, I suggested we body clip him this summer. We are having a hard time getting through what seems to be an undercoat??

    Any suggestions on what type of blade you would use?
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    Give him a bath and get him clean and clip him while he is wet with a 10 blade. I have an Oster double K clipper that works great. Make sure the blade is sharpened or new.

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    I use either my Double K's with the wide blade or my big old Oster Clipmasters. With the clip master I can adjust the tension on the blades with the screw on top-sometimes it takes some fiddling to get that under coat to clip. I definately know of what you speak. Make sure you have a couple of sets of blades. Sometimes one would work better than the other-even when both were brand new out of the packages. Cushings clipping is unique to itself-or so I have found.

    OTOH, this was the first spring my cushings guy shed at ALL. We have had him on pergolide for just over a year now and it truly made a difference. I did end up clipping him to get the last of it off, but we had shed out mountains, and I truely mean mountains, of hair prior to the final clip. And the clip only took 45 minutes using Laube clippers (similar to Oster A-5) with the regular 10 blades-b/c that was what was in my tack trunk at the barn and it was a spur of the moment decision to clip.
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    My ancient gelding has Cushings and the past two years we have had to use sheep clippers to get the hair off him in the spring.

    They look like this:

    The guy who runs the barn found an old pair and it worked perfectly on his yucky wavy hair - my heavy duty body clippers wouldn't touch it.

    Of course it doesn't look like a very good clip job, so afterwards I go over it with the regular body clippers.

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    Bumping this up as this AM's task was clipping the old guy with my Andis 2 speed clippers, and he has begun to develop that undercoat over his croup.
    Those clippers worked fine last year with rests to oil and cool, didn't need to change the blades, (took two hours though, which I chalk up to novice clipping) but this year the blades were just dull enough and his coat just heavy enough that I was afraid we weren't going to make it. Unbelievably dense hair coat over the croup, still holding scurf despite the thorough bathing I *thought* I gave him a few days ago. I ended up having to go over it lightly and getting half of it off, and then going back over it crossways to get the rest. He still needs a full body touch up, and I need two new pair of blades just in case!

    I'm afraid that $300 for a pair of sheep shears is a bit out of the ball park but maybe on CL? I couldn't justify the cost for Clipmasters to my DH but . . .

    I have one question, he has lots and lots of whorls, especially in the chest and brisket, of long and fine hair which are murder to clip. Has anybody ever combed their horses' hair against the growth and clipped as you would do for a human and was it worth it? What about that really fine hair in the girth area? Any tips? Just expect to have to go over it a couple of times?

    Signed, there is a whole 'nother horse in a pile on the ground in my crosstie area.

    Cushing's clipping really is different, boy is it ever.
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    #10 wide works for my pony

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    Bathe well. It might take him a day to dry so keep him in so he doesn't roll and get dirty AGAIN. And I mean bathe well. Really really scrub down to the skin. I use one of those cheap plastic screw on the hose curry combs and a bath fluffy/scrubby thing. When you think he is clean, do him again.

    Spray LIBERALLY with Showsheen.

    I always used either a #10 blade or a 7F blade. With my regular old (emphasis on old) A5 Osters. My old mare needed clipped a couple of times each summer and this the proceedure I used for many years.

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    Once you get him clipped, don't wait until you have that same amount of hair before clipping again.
    With my mare that had cushing's, I clipped on a 6-8 week basis. Sometimes she only needed the lower half done and sometimes everything. For her, because she preferred to not have a blanket in the winter, I would give her a generous trace leaving her back and most of her sides with hair for protection. Then a full clip in the spring (or as soon as we had temperatures in the 70's).

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