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    Default Reasons to give/not give milk pellets?

    My new filly (a week old yesterday) had a bit of a rough start -- didn't catch on to nursing as quickly as one would wish. Her IgG was fine, and she's happy, growing and active, so obviously she has figured it out now. (Though she still does look clumsy at it to me, probably because she is so tall she has to really stoop and twist to get under there!)

    I had quite a few vet visits over her first few days, so while I would immediately call the vet if she were NOT happy, growing and active, I don't want to have a vet come out for silly worrying-human reasons. Right now my only concern is that the filly is ribby. She is taller and of a more streamlined body type than other foals I've had, so it's probably perfectly normal.

    But I was wondering -- is there any downside to starting the baby on milk pellets? Besides getting her TOO fat, which I'd be careful about? She is a Paint.
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    If she is nursing fine, I personally wouldn't. It is perfectly normal for a foal of this age to seem ribby; it can take quite some time for babies to fill out. It is far better for her to be on the lean side then the heavy side, anyway.
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    What Hillside said, however, if you do decide to supplement, milk, or milk based, pellets are the way to go. Do not let her eat Mum's grain. Foals 3 months of age and less are not able to digest grain. The grain will be spilled into the hindgut where it will be fermented and cause acid gut syndrome. This is thought to be one of the reasons a foal might start cribbing or develop ulcers.
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    But "mom's grain" may not have any actual grains in it . Either way, it's still probably not the best thing, at least not more than a nibble or three, from a nutritional perspective.

    I like ribby babies!
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