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    Question At home dog grooming?

    I have 5 dogs who stay inside...a Corgi mix, Schnauzer mix, Border Collie mix and 2 black Labs. We have a doggie door so they can go out when they please but they pretty much lounge around the house all day. The hair is insane, especially from the 2 black labs and the corgi mix.

    I take the 2 smaller pups to the groomer. Mainly for a "blow out" that really helps get the dead undercoat out. I asked my groomer about doing the bigger dogs and she suggested I buy my own force dryer for the dogs.

    Anybody groom at home? Tips? Must have products??
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    I've groomed my own dogs for the last 14 or 15 years. The double coated dogs need help shedding out twice a year. I use a shedding rake and wire slicker brush on them. It takes some elbow grease that's for sure but I can get a bucket of hair off of my B/C cross and Aussie. Unless you want to shave them there is no quick and easy.
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    I know some people have had luck using a Furminator, or other similar devices, but definitely use it outdoors and stay up wind or you'll be covered with hair.
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    I have a Husky, and I use an undercoat rake and a Furminator on him. I love the Furminator for outercoat and the little fuzzy hairs that stick out randomly, but it doesn't get down to the undercoat the way a rake does. But that said, I do take him to the groomer twice a year in the middle of his blows. I could do it myself but I'd rather leave all that hair at the groomers/don't want to invest the money in equipment/my time = money and this is a solid 3-4 hour job.

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