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    Default Washing Winter Blankets

    Hi, hope this thread fits in here. Just curious about washing winter blankets and waterproofing. I always wash our winter coats on delicate and hang to dry. They remain waterproof. I did wash my horse blankets several times this winter the same way and they seemed fine. I know most people swear that blankets need waterproofing. How often should you waterproof horse blankets or is it absolutely necessary??

    Thanks for your advice.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Limerick View Post
    I know most people swear that blankets need waterproofing. How often should you waterproof horse blankets or is it absolutely necessary??
    I have never waterproofed any of my blankets after washing and have never had a problem and a couple I've had for a decade. That being said, my horses are not the kind to stand out in torrential downpours.

    Depending on how much $ I want to spend each year (I have three horses X 4 blankets each, not including coolers and such) and whether repairs need to be made, I'll either send them to someone to be washed in heavy-duty washers, or I'll just soak them in water in rubbermaid bins overnight and scrub/hose them off the next day. Then they're hung on the fence until dry.

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    I have only tried to rewaterproof a blanket once, and it wasn't successful. Mostly I just count on mine to last, and take care of them in a way to insure longevity, along with buying good quality blankets in the first place. I try to limit washing mine to only once or twice a year, and if they need some cleanup in between, I'll just hose them off. I use only Rambo blanket wash as I know that is not detrimental to the waterproofing (others like the Eqyss blanket wash or Nikwax, but I find the Rambo to work the best). Cold water and line dry. Repair as needed before the tear becomes bad.

    I have some Rambo blankets that have lasted for years with this program. The one that I did try to rewaterproof was a Rambo sheet that was 10 years old and had finally lost its waterproofing - - I did the whole Nikwax routine with the wash-in blanket waterproofing, followed directions in detail, and it did nothing. So I don't bother with that now, but I have heard others say the spray-on stuff (Camp Dry?) works well and I might do that if I need to in the future. Maybe applying it once a year would help extend the life of the blanket -- I don't know -- but I haven't felt the need.

    ETA - forgot to mention that I use an extra large front load washer for mine and never have anything thicker than a med wt turnout, so it can handle it. But for the heavies, I'd have to send them out or go to where I could use once of the big commercial type washers.

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    Thanks for the replies-much appreciated!

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    I agree that Nikwax wash in stuff doesn't work. Not even if you spray it on or glug it on!

    Now Kiwi Camp Dry - YES! I buy half a dozen bcans on Amazon and do all my blankets yearly. Takes about 1.5 cans per blanket for 2 coats.

    Before spraying I hose and scrub the blankets with mild soap like Dr Bronner's and allow to dry completely. Our local horse blanket place washes the waterproofing out of blankets completely so that's risky. The Rambo care tag says something like "only wash once a year and do it by hand" anyway.
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