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    Default Best joint supplement?

    I have and 8 yo mutt (we suspect bluetick coonhound x sharpei) who sometimes acts stiff when he get up. He works right out of it and runs around like he's not sore or stiff.

    I'd like to try a joint supplement for him. His food (Loyall adult maint.) has glucosamine in it but probably not enough to make a difference.

    Any suggestions?
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    I like this one:
    it has all the ingredients in the correct amounts, comes in a powder, easy to add to feed.

    Smartpak has this one:
    which also has a good ingredient profile but my dogs won't eat them despite the claims of being a tasty pill, and they are so hard I had trouble crumbling them into the food.

    Other things to consider with arthritis- diet makes a big difference. Simply adding fish oil and changing to a grain free formula may help the dog's pain more than adding supplements.

    Adequan injections may help a lot too.

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    I use the Hylasport mentioned in the above post.

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    We have a 10 year old Springer and we started him on SmartPak this past winter. He was really stiff and was having a hard time getting up. He still has a tough time sometimes but I wasn't expecting a miracle product. I was just hoping for some relief. He has gotten that. He loves the tablet and gobbles it right down but our other dog won't touch it.

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    Fish oil made a huge difference for my collie last year. I was giving her 3V caps, but they are no longer made. We also gave her Animed Glucosamine and MSM (horse version with doggie doses) in her food and switched her from Loyall to Taste of the Wild, grain free dog food.
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    Another thumbs up for Canine Hylasport from Horsetech. Works great for my 2 senior dogs!
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    Tried the oral joint supps and never really noticed a change in my 13 year old Corgi x JRT mix. Put her on Adequan and WOW! Stopped the oral stuff completely and she now gets the Adequan shot just once per month (did a weekly "loading dose" injection for the first month). Can jump on/off our high bed and tears around the yard like a pup again!

    Edited to add I also feed a grain free food...Taste of the Wild.
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    another thumbs up for Canine HylaSport by Horsetech. Excellent product. helps my 14yr dobe alot.
    Another thought - do you have ticks and lymne disease where you live? Might be worth a call to your vet if you don't know.

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