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    ColderThanHalo Guest

    Default Hoof Wall Separation?

    I've spoken with my farrier about this and can't get to the vet until Sunday (via an emergency call).

    I've had my horse since November; he was "opossum footed" when I got him off the race track, but other than that his foot was and has been healthy; as for past problems, anything before that, I'm not aware of. He's been on Farrier's Formula since I got him.

    Two weeks ago, he came up lame with what I assumed was an abscess (heat on the coronet, pointing the toe, digital pulse). The hoof looked fine. Since it was storming, I put him up in a stall. The next morning I came out and he had two horizontal cracks, one a little over half-way up the hoof and one about an inch below that.

    Four days after the cracks, my farrier came to look at him and treated him with mastitis medication in a gel form (I guess it's okay, he's used it for abscesses before). Over time, the cracks have connected, so now it's a half-moon shape.

    This morning, he went tearing around the field at a full gallop bucking and jumping. I went out to check on him and noticed a thin line of blood on the bottom and the top of the cracked area (it wasn't gushing or trailing). I rinsed his foot off; there was no more blood coming out, no heat, and no digital pulse.

    I called my farrier earlier and he said it sounds like the hoof wall may have separated. There's no visible seperation on the bottom of the foot, unless there's something which I can't see under the shoe. He says I can wait to call the vet.

    So, what do you think? Does it sound like the hoof wall has seperated, and should I make an emergency vet run? Even tonight if I have to?
    If you think I can wait, what can I do for him in the meantime? Epsome soak? Wrap it? Stick him in a stall (my stalls don't stay very dry and he paces something fierce)?

    ps: Awesome first post, right? I sound really incompetent, but I feel it, too, right now.

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    Call the vet and ask. Hopefully, you have a good enough relationship with your vet for him/her to advise you whether it's an emergency or not.

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    is your farrier a a barefoot trimer or an actual farrier

    if not - change and get the vet and the farrier out asap as this horse now needs shoes to support the cracks

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    Default call

    If there is blood, I would think there is a chance of infection, and I would call the vet. You don't want an infection in the hoof, ask me how I know.
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